Payment information / Loan

The payment schedule of Green Court Residence is simple and the possibly most favourable.

As our investments are realized by our own resources and through bank financing, we do not need the money of our clients for the construction work. This payment rate looks like the following:

Current Deposits Detail Total Deposits
1. signature of the Letter of Intent 500.000 HUF 500.000 HUF
2. when signing the sales contract 20% 20%-500.000 HUF 20%
3. Standardized high-level structural condition (partitions, basic electrical and water equipment, interior plasterwork completed) 30% 50%
4. Technical transfer 50% 100%

This payment structure is not only simple and convenient but it is safe as well, no one has to worry about how the real estate developer starts with the money he has paid.

If you want to use a loan or a Family Housing Support Program (CSOK) for buying your home, you can also do that. Feel free to contact our colleagues who are happy to help you

Investment Partners

Green Court is the result of the co-operation of the fully (100%) Hungarian-owned Pesti Házak Zrt. and the European Codic International S.A. The successful implementation of the project is guaranteed by the long-standing professional experience and stable background of the investing partners.

A Pesti Házak Zrt

Pesti Házak Zrt has been an active participant in the Budapest real estate market since 2003. Since the foundation of the company, it has realized 11 successful residential development projects. Their operation focuses on the inner districts of Budapest. Pesti Házak Zrt is a significant player of the block rehabilitation in district IX. which has been granted several international awards as well. Furthermore, Pesti Házak Zrt has delivered and handed over three hundred apartments in the past years in district XIII, in the vicinity of Kassák Park where the Green Court investment will also take place. Currently Pesti Házak Zrt has several successfully running, large-scale investments in both districts including several projects in construction phase.

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A Codic International S.A

Codic is a European property developer present in Hungary, France, Belgium, Luxemburg. It has been active in the commercial development for over 45 years and developed over 1.000.000 m2 in the last 10 years.

Each of their projects shares the same concern for the best location, the planning of efficient buildings with a strong architectural identity, using the best available technology and set in beautifully landscaped surroundings.

Their team is committed to provide sustainable developments with several years of experience.

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For Investors


Nowadays property is a safe investment, especially the new-built properties, which also meet the principles of ideal location. The Green Court Residence is such a property thus providing not only value but also outstanding yields to its owners.

At the pre-sales stage, you can purchase your new home at a very favorable price, and by purchasing it you can realize a significant increase in value even before the delivery.